Salmon Fishing
7/17/2023 - Capt. Bruce
Variety of quality fish being caught this year so far, Steelhead Trout, Lake Trout, and King Salmon are all present off Frankfort in 100 to 200 Ft. of water, recent south west winds have has finally warmed up the water and thermocline yesterday was around 80 ft down, beach lovers up here are finally getting some swimmable temperatures.

Walleye fishing April 29,2023
4/29/2023 - Capt. Bruce
Despite coming off a NE blow on Friday we managed to do real well fishing first near B can, then when that bite shut down we moved in to shallow water near K can and caught a bunch in shallow, 13 to 14 FOW. Bandits 40-50 back were the ticket.

Big Walleye
4/15/2023 - Capt. Bruce
Limits of Walleye around B and C can, wst of A can ws also good, Bandits 40 -70 ft. off boards.

Kings and Cohos!
8/28/2022 - Capt. Bruce
Kings and Cohos!, Still some Kings swimming around and lots of Coho Action! Caught 16 fish on Sunday, 4 Kings and 12 Coho

King Salmon and lots of bait in Frankfort!
7/30/2022 - Capt. Bruce
Kings are being caught in 120-350 Ft of water, lots of bait for the Salmon to feed on and we are marking a lot of fish, should only get better now that its August.

King Salmon off Frankfort!
7/9/2022 - Capt. Bruce
All year classes of King Salmon are being off caught off Frankfort , 120 - 150 ft. of water seems best for us, a 31 pound King was boated this week so there seems like its a good year to catch that trophy, Lake Trout are also being caught.

Walleye fishing June 2-6 , 2022
6/6/2022 - Capt. Bruce
Limits of Walleye North of the Toledo Water Intake, Spoons both on 40 Jet Divers 50 back and Dipseys on 2 setting 40 Back, Bandits 50-80 back also catching fish, 419-356-4317

Walleye fishing Saturday May 14,2022
5/16/2022 - Capt. Bruce
Nice Limit of Walleye caught Saturday May 14, just west and and north of the Toledo Water Intake, Bandits 40 -65' back were the ticket, 22' of water

Walleye fishing April 23,24
4/24/2022 - Capt. Bruce
Coolers were full of Walleye this past weekend, fished Lake Erie near A Can, best bite was in the transition where water clarity was minimal, just enough to see the skeg on the outboards.

Walleye fishing Tuesday April 12th,2022
4/12/2022 - Capt. Bruce
Time to catch Lake Erie Walleye! - area around C can was good yesterday.

Walleye Fishing Forecast is Fantastic!
2/22/2022 - Capt. Bruce
Walleye fishing has never been better! According to Ohio Fisheries biologists , the last 7 years have produced 4 out of the 5 best hatches ever! These are truly the good old days for Walleye fishing in Lake Erie, Book now for your choice dates!

Salmon Staging
8/19/2021 - Capt. Bruce
King Salmon are staging off Frankfort, right now is a good time to catch them , our best water is 150-200. fish are mainly deep around 100' down seems to have taken the most bites, may be too warm for a early migration up the river so hopefully they will stay put for another couple of weeks

King Salmon showing up in Frankfort!
7/19/2021 - Capt. Bruce
Took a couple of Kings that weighed 25 lbs . Found out front in 120-140 ft. of water some 2 year old salmon too in the 6-10 lb. range, lake trout still biting

Lake Trout Bite Frankfort
7/9/2021 - Capt. Bruce
Customers enjoyed a great day on the lake catching some nice sized lake trout, Salmon should be showing up soon

Lake Trout Bit off the Bank North of Frankfort
7/4/2021 - Capt. Bruce
Caught 6 nice Lake trout with family visiting, 100-120 ft of water north of Frankfort

Walleye fishing Saturday June 12
6/14/2021 - Capt. Bruce
Limit of Walleye Saturday fishing near the "Turn Around Buoy" 10 miles out of Anchor Point. Call 419-356-4317 for dates,

Walleye fishing Saturday May 22
5/22/2021 - Capt. Bruce
4 person limit of Walleye by 10 AM Saturday fishing near the "Gravel Pit" 6 miles out of Anchor Point. Call 419-356-4317 for dates,

Nice School of Walleye
5/18/2021 - Capt. Bruce
Nice school of Walleye near Toledo Water intake in 20' of water with a few Sheepshead providing a good battle, Lol

Walleye fishing Sunday April 4th
4/7/2021 - Capt. Bruce
First trip of the season, started jigging off Locust Reef but the bite was slow so we switched to trolling and caught a nice mess of Walleye, the largest being 10 Lb. 30". Great way to start!